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Why Hire a Business Broker When Buying or Selling a Business

Why Hire a Business Broker When Buying or Selling a Business

Posted by Bridge Business Brokers on 3rd Sep 2021

Buying or selling a business can and sometimes is done without a broker. But the benefits that come with working with a business broker can far outweigh any perceived cost savings. No matter how “simple” the business you’re buying or selling may be, the buying and selling process is nearly always time-consuming and complicated. Call us today for expert advice.

Do You Need a Business Broker?

The sweet and simple answer is, yes. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are the top five reasons hiring a business broker when buying and selling a business is a wise decision.

1. Experience and Expertise

business broker specializes in helping people just like you navigate the selling and buying processes. They’ve assisted countless owners in successfully selling their business and helped new entrepreneurs realize their dream of business ownership.

2. Maximize Business Value

Business brokers help their seller clients increase the value of a business before the sale. They use advanced tools and strategies to help you put your company in the best light, maximizing the ultimate selling price.

3. Business Valuations

Buyers and sellers alike use business valuations to judge a business’s true worth and compare it to other similar companies, industry trends, and market factors. They’re also helpful in obtaining financing. Calculating value is both an art and a science, so it’s essential to work with a business broker who has extensive experience in preparing business valuations.

4. Buyer Network

Skilled business brokers have extensive networks of qualified buyers interested in acquiring their client’s business. Many times, a business broker is able to sell a business without ever advertising it for sale. Instead, they reach out to interested buyers already in their network. This simplifies the sale process and can increase the chance of receiving multiple offers.

5. Work Hard for You

Buyer or seller, your business broker is directly in invested in your success. Since their job is to sell your business or find you a new one, you’re always assured they’re working hard to get you the best opportunity and deal possible.

Bringing Business Buyers and Sellers Together

Partnering with an experienced, professional business broker makes the buying or selling experience a more seamless and pleasant one. For buyers, they help reduce the amount of time spent searching for suitable businesses. Sellers get to stay focused on the business at hand instead of marketing the business themselves.

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