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Business Valuations

Business valuations help companies identify areas of potential growth and innovation. They’re also essential in helping buyers, sellers, and lenders determine what a business is worth. Along with fair-market value, approaches like asset-based, market value, and earnings value are often used to establish accurate, realistic, and competitive selling prices.

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Business Valuations Edmonton

The Bridge Business Broker Valuation Process

While the market generally determines what your business is worth, the actual valuation process is a sophisticated process that requires knowledge, experience, and the ability to assess what market conditions will affect the price you either pay or get for a business.

Bridge Business Brokers uses a time-proven approach to reach an evaluation for a business and identify the best possible price range. Our valuations:

  • Are based on solid facts, the condition of the market, projected growth, sales potential, and the sale of similar businesses within your industry.
  • Use established valuation techniques to ensure the price is appropriate for current market conditions.
  • Are designed to make a business an attractive investment whose price is neither too high nor too low.

Considering Buying or Selling a Business? We Can Help!

We also offer valuations for buyers and sellers who wish to sell or purchase a business privately.

Our valuation procedure includes:

  • Meeting the client
  • Collecting relevant information on the business
  • Researching current market conditions
  • Preparing a professional valuation report.

Your personalized report includes eight to ten valuation methods for the business and thorough explanations of why they’re valued in each manner.

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You Can Trust Bridge Business Brokers

While many accountants and business valuators charge up to tens of thousands of dollars to prepare a business valuation, Bridge Business Brokers’ fee is typically a fraction of what you’ll pay with other companies and is based on the purpose of the valuation, the size of the company, and the amount of research required.

If you’re anticipating selling a business, get in touch with us today. We can help you identify areas that can increase your business’s value and desirability while giving you a view of how much it’s worth now and what it might be worth in the future.