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Bridge Business Brokers was founded in 2017 by Craig Anstead to help the growing numbers of owners who were looking to sell their business but weren’t sure how and where to start. Each of our seasoned team members brings years of valuable insight and experience to the process of valuing, marketing, and closing deals for buyers and sellers alike.

Craig Anstead, Business Broker
Craig Anstead
President/Business Broker

Craig's extensive industry experience in retail, insurance, RV & auto dealerships, and business ownership lead to a vision of bringing together a group of experienced professional providing clients with a service-first mentality has resulted in an Edmonton-based business brokerage team like no other.

Shelley Croft, Business Broker
Shelley Croft
VP/Business Broker

Shelley has an extensive background in the Financial and Insurance Industry in the areas of Sales, Management and Training. Her true passion has always been in Sales and Marketing and believes in getting things done, following up and providing a great customers experience for both sellers and buyers.

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Glen Finstad, Business Broker
Glen Finstad
Business Broker/Advisor

Glen’s vast experience includes all things finance, including venture capital investing, insurance, ownership of distribution and manufacturing companies, and business coaching and consulting, although his passion has always been for buying and selling businesses rather than running one.

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Josh Puchailo, Business Broker
Josh Puchailo
Business Broker/Advisor

Josh brings a versatile background including portfolio management and facilitating leads for private investment firms. By actively supporting founders in pursuing their ventures, he developed a keen understanding of the local start-up scene. Josh is passionate about delivering that knowledge and a high level of customer service to his clients.

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Michelle McInte, Business Broker
Michelle McIntee
Business Broker/Advisor

Michelle brings over 20 years of expertise in corporate restructuring, valuations, sales, marketing, safety, and HR. She emphasizes proactive commitment and follow-through, delivering exceptional experiences for both sellers and buyers. Her integrity and professionalism guarantee customer satisfaction in every interaction.

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Gary Kump
Business Broker/Advisor

Gary is a seasoned finance professional with over 50 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed the acquisition and sale of multiple businesses while providing expert advice on pricing, taxation, and estate implications. With a deep passion for business, Gary is dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving their goals.

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Why Bridge Business Brokers?

Bridge Business Brokers as the name suggests, we are all about building bridges between buyers and sellers. While our primary focus is listing businesses located within Alberta, we have access to buyers and investors on a global scale. This means, our buyers are not just located in Calgary or Edmonton but are indeed Global in nature. This provides you, the business owner, with the opportunity to truly maximize your return on the sale of your business. For the business buyer, we have a large, ever evolving portfolio of quality business listings from which to choose. Maximizing value for both our buyers and sellers sets us apart from the crowded marketplace of business brokers. Check us out, you won’t be disappointed!

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