Well Established Industrial Spray Equipment and Coating Supply Business for Sale

Josh Puchailo (780) 938-8659
Edmonton, AB


Are you seeking an entry into the expanding local industrial sector?  We present a remarkable chance for you to seize that opportunity!  A well-established company, which specializes in industrial spray equipment and coating supplies, is now up for sale. Having a solid reputation and a diverse range of top-tier brands and high-quality products, this business is poised for growth.

With a successful track record spanning 15 years, this company has emerged as a prominent provider of industrial products in the Northern Alberta region.  The owner, backed by 40 years of industry experience, has garnered an exceptional track record in product knowledge and delivering unparalleled service to clients.  Consequently, the business has earned an outstanding reputation in the marketplace and cultivated a loyal customer base.  Whether customers require a single specialized item or a large bulk order, they trust that they can find what they need here. Attention to detail and a commitment to professionalism are evident throughout the entire operation.  Their facility is meticulously maintained, providing a welcoming experience to all who visit.  The trust and recognition they have gained as a brand are a testament to their expertise, extensive experience, unwavering commitment to quality, and reliable products.

As the current owner looks towards retirement after a successful career, the business is enjoying exceptional growth in Fiscal Year 2023 and is primed for further expansion.  Taking over this well-functioning operation presents an opportunity for a new owner to make their mark.  With the implementation of online sales and an aggressive marketing campaign, the potential for growth is significant.  To ensure a smooth transition, the seller is open to staying on for a negotiated period, during which he will share his wealth of knowledge and experience.  This invaluable insight will provide you with an understanding of the company's inner workings, best practices, and strategies for continued success.