Thriving Building Supply Store

Northern Canada
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We present a rare opportunity to acquire a successful building supply store located in the heart of Northern Canada. This store is a cornerstone of its community, offering an unparalleled chance to capitalize on a captive market that is both robust and stable.

Key Highlights:

  • Captive Market: With limited access and competition, this store benefits from strong profit margins and a loyal customer base.
  • Long-Standing Community Relationships: The store has been a trusted provider in the community for over 25 years, fostering strong, long-term relationships with residents and contractors alike.
  • Diverse Inventory: The store's extensive and diverse inventory includes automotive parts, heating and ventilation systems, electrical components, light fixtures, lumber, paint and supplies, plumbing essentials, personal protective equipment (PPE), rentals, tools, welding supplies, and work wear.
  • Logistics Advantage: The depth and breadth of the inventory help overcome the logistical challenges posed by the region's remoteness, ensuring continuous supply and customer satisfaction.

Financial Highlights:

  • Strong Profit Margins: The store's remote location and limited competition contribute to consistently strong profit margins.
  • Stable Demand: The strong and steady demand for building supplies in the area ensures reliable revenue streams and growth potential.

Growth Potential:

  • Community Expansion: The store is well positioned to benefit from any community expansion or new construction projects.
  • Market Dominance: With its established reputation and comprehensive inventory, the store has the potential to further dominate the local market and attract new customers.

Why Invest?

Acquiring this building supply store means investing in a business with a solid foundation, a loyal customer base, and the potential for significant growth. The store’s long-standing success, combined with the unique advantages of its location, makes it an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to enter or expand in the building supply industry in Northern Canada.

For more information and to explore this exceptional opportunity, please contact us today.

Revenues - $1,000,000+ consistently

SDE - $127,000 with room to grow

Inventory - $1,816,360

Land & Buildings can be purchased