Autobody Restoration and Collision Repair Shop (Price Reduced)

Edmonton, AB
Glen Finstad (780) 493-1583


Preserving Automotive Legends: A rare opportunity to own an iconic auto body restoration and collision repair company.

The company has operated for 4 years and from a high-traffic, highly visible location for the past 8 months. Step into the world of automotive craftsmanship and timeless beauty with this rare opportunity to own a prestigious auto body restoration and collision repair company.  With a passion for preserving automotive legends and a reputation for excellence, this company is now seeking a new visionary owner to continue its legacy of restoring classic cars to their former glory.

Whether you need the daily commuter to be brought back to life after a run-in, or you wish to resurrect a vintage treasure, the team of restoration masters will handle any project that comes their way.

The company has a reputation for dedication to customer satisfaction. Understanding the emotional attachment clients have toward their cherished vehicles, the company strives to exceed expectations.

A modern and code-accepted paint booth highlights the equipment for this turnkey operation.  The owner is willing to work with the new owner to provide a smooth transition. The company has established strong relationships with leading suppliers, industry experts, and automotive enthusiasts which provides access to rare parts, materials, and expertise. These valuable connections will provide significant benefits to the new owner. As an independent or unaffiliated repair centre, the shop can work with insurance companies without discounting shop rates.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become the proud steward of a renowned auto body restoration and collision repair company.  Whether you wish to join in preserving the beauty and allure of vintage automobiles or help bring daily commuters to life, this could be the answer you were seeking.