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Buying a business is one of the most significant life decisions a person can make. From finding the right company to understanding your options, getting finance, and closing the deal, you need an objective professional advisor to guide you through the buying process. The Bridge team has the expertise needed to ensure the business buying process ends in a successful transaction for you and the seller. Our open and honest communication, responsiveness to your needs, and knowledge of the local market make us skilled in aiding your search for the right business sale.

Why You Need an Experienced Business Broker

Aside from understanding the local market, Bridge Business Brokers:

  • Specializes in popular industries and can advise you on what to look for and what to ask the current owner.
  • Performs professional valuations that tell you how much the business is worth, no matter what the seller is asking.
  • Assists you in putting together an offer and guides you through negotiations, helping close a deal everyone is happy with.

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The Bridge Business Broker Purchase Process

step 1 Take Command

It’s your life and your finances, and now you’ve decided to better manage your financial future by purchasing a business. Congratulations! Owning a business is an incredible and rewarding way to build wealth and take charge of your own destiny.

step 2 Choose a Broker

Whenever possible, we recommend every buyer meet their Bridge team member in person. Out of the area? Continuous contact by virtual meetings, phone, or email can be nearly as effective.

step 3 Determine Requirements

We start by gathering detailed information about you, including your financial standing, your skills and experiences, and your personal life goals. We then help you determine which businesses you should pursue.

step 4 Education

We’re here to help you learn everything you can about the business buying process. We know the more information a client has, the more confident they feel in taking this big step. So, we thoroughly explain the process to help you understand the realities of the current marketplace, understand basic valuation concepts, and feel comfortable using online tools to search for businesses, read business listing information sheets, and review available opportunities.

step 5 Search for Opportunities

The Bridge team helps you search for a business, obtains detailed business information, sets up showings with sellers, and assists you in signing confidentiality disclosures. We also refine your business search and seek opportunities until you decide on a business to purchase.

step 6 Make an Offer

Sometimes called the scariest step of all, but it doesn’t need to be! Bridge Business Brokers has experience and expertise in multiple deal structures and can help you draft a contingent offer on the business you’re interested in. Only after careful negotiations with the seller do you move to the purchase agreement.

step 7 Due Dilligence

We call this the “doing your homework” phase. The owner’s representations are thoroughly scrutinized for accuracy, and legal and accounting professionals are brought on to examine all contingencies and other issues. If you’re obtaining financing, now is when you need lender approval, so the seller knows you’re able to complete the sale.

step 8 Closing

Final arrangements are made for financing, lease assignments, utility transfers, inventory counts, merchant service accounts, and more. The goal is to make the ownership transfer as seamless as possible.

step 9 Post-Sale Support

When we say we’re with you from start to finish, we mean it! Post-closing, you may need transitional training by the seller, meetings with employees and clients, computer updating, and other essential knowledge transfers. With the Bridge team’s assistance, you never need to worry you’ll be stranded once the deal closes!