Bridge Business Brokers is a team of talented business professionals – small enough to be nimble to your needs but experienced to represent you whether your focus is on buying or selling a business. We are here to assist in transforming the lives of our buyers and sellers – it is something we are very passionate about – pursuing that which is best for our client, regardless of the circumstances we are facing.

We’re business problem solvers with a diverse set of skills… not just a collection of researchers, marketers, dealmakers, negotiators and closers.

We have solid connections to local legal, accounting, financing and real estate firms that will ensure our clients get the best valuation, transaction support, and market representation.


Bridge Business Brokers was founded in Edmonton by a team that felt clients were being mishandled by firms wanting huge upfront fees while providing limited value in return.  As our name suggests we are disrupting the marketplace while bridging the gap between buyers and sellers.